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Fitzhugh Karol - Public Sculptures and Public Art
Fitzhugh Karol
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Fitzhugh Karol

Brooklyn, NY

"I am perpetually looking for joy. I believe I am at my best when I am persistently working. The accumulation of work born out of this persistence is the record of my energy – energy spent in search of something or someplace I love. I use my body, I feel my work. I believe that I am always playing and always searching and the possibilities are endless.

I create compositions that I find visually poetic. Within these compositions, I combine abstract shapes, carved forms that reference familiar landscapes and small carvings that suggest the human imprint on the natural landscape and invite interaction. These detailed carvings create contrast in scale and foster a sense of play while I work. These contrasts are what I want viewers to experience. Other themes in my work include real and fabricated archaeological records, musical interpretation and synthesis, my childhood and minimalism. I find that many of the ideas and expressions that I am concerned with lend themselves to construction out of wood and metal. I think of my process as an exploration that is liberating, physical, and informative."