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Fern and Fiber

Fern and Fiber

Asheville, NC

"Our work involves a lot of play. We're bringing colors, shapes, and elements together to find out what kind of conversation they'll create."
Fern and Fiber is the collaborative studio practice of Jack and Eliza Geshel. They work with wood and fibers to create fine art and functional object.

Both feel a strong sense of environmental responsibility within their practice. Fern + Fiber utilizes natural materials like wood, cotton, and linen and predominantly sources materials to reclaim and repurpose.

Jack and Eliza are constantly expanding upon traditional forms of craft. Their work nods to the art of simpler times, yet presents itself in a modern and often playful way. The pair aims to blur the line between what is art and what is object - bringing the everyday into a realm of finely crafted, artful design.

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