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Feral Estudio

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Feral Estudio is a platform that allows us to develop and experiment with functional objects that we make with our hands. A hybrid between workshop, showroom and studio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our creations integrate design, illustration and our trades: ceramics and stationery.

In each piece we explore our own language, cultivate the playful game of design, and intuitive perception, in different materials, textures, shapes and colors.

Our main motivation is to create objects, revaluing manual work, and the possibility of projecting graphic designs, ideas, illustrations on tangible and functional objects or accessories. We love trades and we are passionate about thinking about design systems.

In our vision we put the intention in circular energy, in the evolution of creative exchange and new ways of building.
We believe in collaborations, and that there may be new ways of creating to generate networks and creative exchange between producers, creators and designers.
Wescover creator since 2021

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