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Featherfolio LLC, Chris Maynard

Olympia, WA

"Maynard carves feathers into intricate art. In shadowboxes or built into alcoves, the art is sturdy and created to last lifetimes."
Chris Maynard uses naturally shed, legal to have feathers for his art. The birds may still be alive.
Since feathers are universal symbols of flight, transformation, achievement, and hope,
Maynard’s art speaks to many people who long for these qualities as well as people who revere birds.
Maynard’s work is included in private collections and featured in publications in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.
Wescover creator since 2019

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How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"Since I strive to keep the feathers' "featherness" by retaining their slightly curved forms, I don't paste them flat to a background. Instead, I elevate them about 1/2 inch from the background with special stainless entomology pins. The result is an added depth of shadows which change according to the quality and direction of light."
Featherfolio LLC, Chris MaynardFeatherfolio LLC, Chris Maynard

What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

"We can only fly in our dreams so feathers take on symbolism of our aspirations: transformation, achievement, hope, and healing. I want people to feel these longings. I also want viewers to see feathers in new and fresh ways."
Featherfolio LLC, Chris MaynardFeatherfolio LLC, Chris Maynard

What funny moments, unexpected surprises, or obstacles have you encountered?

"People often ask me questions about feathers and tell me stories about their bird and feather encounters. A woman sent me a video of a female starling that she made into a caged pet. This bird has learned to imitate all sorts of noises including human speech. She said her husband was upset with it because it exactly imitates the sound of the squeeky door opening and closing. When he says, "who's there?", the bird fools him with a perfect "hello" in the voice of his partner."
Featherfolio LLC, Chris MaynardFeatherfolio LLC, Chris Maynard

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