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Fausto Salvi Ceramic

Brescia, Italy

When I started working ceramics, drawing was essential for me.

I loved drawing on the white surface of majolica, smooth and absorbent surfaces and would engrave all available to me, plates, cylinders, pots, vases.

All these forms responded to my need to express myself through my drawings.

And it is from there that I began to explore the possibilities of expression and clay modeling, with more attention.

It was also at this time that I began to see my objects as abstract surfaces and use pure pigments, while studying more precisely the technique without too bogged down in technical research, which too often characterize World of Ceramics (obsession degrees centigrade and milligrams ....).

For me, an artist must uiliser most of his time and energy to the expressive and artistic research.

Since then I have worked on various series, refusing to focus on one of the elements that I explored and the presence or absence of drawing allowed me to share emotions and very different messages.

"People and Disasters" is a series of large vases, covered with illustrations on the bustle of urban life.

"Spy games" is a group of modular parts that make satire of excessive control over people and places, by CCTV cameras.

"Experimental Vegetables" is a series of sculptures inspired by genetic research and manipulation of the vegetal world.

I am inspired by the world everyday and absurd contradictions and find it rather ironic to introduce my drawings violent, grotesque in houses where they are often disguised as pretty objects.

I think majolica provides a unique means of expression where sculpture and drawing meet and find it incredible to express the cruel dimension of the contemporary world through such an old technique.
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