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Farce One

Providence, RI

Farce is a graffiti writer with over 8 years of experience in the roots of authentic graffiti. Continuing to develop as a graffiti writer, he took graffiti out of its natural environment and began to explore the limitations and the ways it can be pushed into new forms in a studio space. Studying Studio Arts at Hampshire College, the persona of “Farce One” was born, as a means to begin this exploration into the ways graffiti can remain true to the practice, yet also stretch the boundaries of Fine Art.

How can graffiti fit into these parameters set by fine art, yet remain true to the roots of graffiti?

Is it possible for it to still be considered authentic graffiti?

Is it still a genuine practice to transition graffiti to a gallery setting?

By using tools such as drawing, painting, collage, and the practice of installation, Farce explores the answers to these questions.

Farce One’s art visually represents his experiences in the world of graffiti. The nature of the environments Farce paints graffiti in have lead to simplified color and form. Adapting to the object being painted on, such as a freight train, or an abandoned building, is just as important as the painting itself. This minimalist approach directly influences what is done on canvas and paper.

In January 2017, Farce curated, organized, and exhibited work in his first major art show, with Wane COD and Limer YL. As well as received the "Norman and Rose Avnet Fellowship Award" at the BAA Fellowship show in March 2017.
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