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Bridgeport, CT

"Field-to-fiber rugs – sustainably sourced, ethically made and 100% origin-verified."
It’s a big, beautiful world, and in our small way, we’re out to make it better.

What if you could bring a beautiful, durable, luxurious rug into your home and know who actually made it?

What if the fair treatment of people and NO child labor, in every step of the process, was assured?

What if you could know the origins of the wool down to the farm, shepherd, and the sheep in the mountains of New Zealand, and have scientific proof that all the wool in your rug is traceable to that one and only source?

What if model animal welfare practices and boosting native biodiversity were the routine standards on the farm where the wool in your rug is sourced?

We wondered if anyone was doing anything like this in the rug industry?

Yes. We are.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"My creative process starts with a pencil and paper and then lifts off the page to be carefully translated with our special wool into a beautiful rug. I’m continually surprised by what can be achieved with this medium depending on how the wool is spun and whether it’s looped or cut. In the end, it’s such a joy to see the energy of my original drawings, somehow preserved after passing through the hands of our artisan collaborators in India."
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