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Excavated Vessel - Planters & Vases and Planters & Garden
Excavated Vessel
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Excavated Vessel

Vancouver, Canada

The concept of Excavated Vessels was born out of capturing waste from one of our studio-specific processes, to be used as the foundation material for another.

Pieces of annihilated moulds made of agglomerated cork are collected, saved, applied and assembled into new forms.

Edited with an array of primitive tools like the claw end of a hammer, a paint can opener and other workshop ephemera; we further dismantle and shape the hollow form.

Glass is gathered and constructed in a variety of ways at the end of a blowpipe. And the bubble is inserted into the carved cavity.

As the glass expands it acquires the imprint of the surface.

The moulds are released and pulled away. Oxygen floods between the glass surfaces and the cork. Dramatically the cork ignites and the mould is lost. The resulting form is a memento mori of what is destroyed. An image of the glassblowers' movement in the studio and of a million small choices made to put the mold together.

The result is an object of deeply cosmic spirit, with an appearance of Earthly geographies reorganized and suspended in space.

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