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South Melbourne, Australia

"Ewert Leaf is distinguished by its commercial approach to design. We carefully manage the balance between creativity and practicality to create innovative yet pragmatic design solutions which are contemporary yet enduring."
Established in 2009 by the two founding directors, Toby Ewert and Will Leaf, Ewert Leaf prides itself on its collaborative team environment blurring boundaries between Architecture and Interior Design. With valuable experience across multiple typologies, Ewert Leaf combines the strengths of their team to produce holistic design solutions that are both innovative and functional.
The interiors team has a strong focus on the exploration of materials and crafting intriguing palettes that break convention and form the identity of the space. Each project is meticulously detailed to achieve an outcome
which is unique and memorable in it’s own right. Sourcing new materials and expanding a broad product knowledge through key supplier relationships ensures Ewert Leaf is always at the forefront of design. up to date with what is available on the current market.
Ewert Leaf understands the importance of perfecting spacial layouts, particularly when working within existing
sites that may come with complexities and constraints. A successful layout should enhance the customer experience, crafting a memorable journey throughout the venue as well as provide functional and flowing service/ back of house areas.
In striving for innovation and continuously developing a hands-on approach to design, Ewert Leaf has implemented virtual reality technology to further explore and test the possibilities of design. This allows the client to physically experience highly resolved interior models in real time, gaining a better understanding of scale, form,
light and materiality.
In addition, Ewert Leaf believes designing the perfect interior is a multidisciplinary effort and calls upon the expertise of like minded creatives in the fields of graphic design, branding and styling. Therefore, we also provide these additional services in house in order to deliver a fully considered and resolved interior.
Lastly, developing strong client relationships and working within a collaborative, open environment is key to us.
The process of design is extremely considered, intricate and rewarding and Ewert Leaf love taking clients on this exciting journey.
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