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Ewa Cwikla

Amsterdam, Netherlands

My name is Ewa Ćwikła, I am born in Poland but since 1986 is Netherlands my second homeland. My photography have something disturbing, dark, baroque in them. They are unusual, capricious, far removed from the expectations associated with today's portrait photography. My models as well as the composition of the photographs is clearly and almost completely determined by the dialogue with the art of the Dutch and Flemish Golden Age. And these extraordinary effects which stun us in contact with my art do not derive only from the manner which is recognisable both in photography and in the film and is technically known as “Caravaggio light " or “Rembrandt light". My images are inspired by her genuine admiration and understanding of this trend in painting as well as of the atmosphere of the 17th century Netherlands, which I absorbed while visiting Dutch museum collections and cities permeated for centuries by the spirit of the great masters.
Wescover creator since 2020

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