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Evans & Brown - Murals and Art
Evans & Brown
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Evans & Brown

San Francisco, CA

Artists in their own right—each with his own successful solo career—working together Mark Evans and Charley Brown are known for turning flat walls into theatrical productions of kinetic energy, pulsing color and fascinating rhythms.

On occasion, a latter-day Medici commissions them to create sensations for private enjoyment in a residence. The barons of palatial resorts around the globe regularly turn to them for signature creations to grace a foyer, a ballroom or a particularly luxurious restaurant. And through collaborations with leading manufacturers they create dazzling, affordable wall coverings for commercial, hospitality and residential environments.

Mark and Charley delight in creating imagery in a range of styles, as they have said, “from Rococo to Rothko.” Masters of trompe l’oeil and other time-tested artistic techniques, Evans & Brown designs for wallcoverings, digitally-printed wall murals and wallpaper imbue modern materials with the richness of the ages. Patterns, textures and panoramic imagery make of common materials uncommon and surprisingly practical ways for an interior space of any dimension to take on new life.