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Evan ESK Wilson

Oakland, CA

"ESK is a fine artist, calligrapher, muralist, and tattooer based in Oakland, California. His work is balanced on the line between graffiti and abstract expressionism, with his own personal style of calligraphy being the bridge that connects the two disparate modes of work. This calligraphic style is made up of English letters, but are abstracted through calligraphic mark making strokes drawn from ancient calligraphic traditions, including Arabic, Japanese Zen brushwork, Kmher and Thai. Combining these different traditions with more graffiti based elements, ESK presents a new voice in the contemporary calligraphic world. The resulting works are meditative visual networks of calligraphic line, guiding the viewer towards a looser, visceral interpretation of written communication. Therefore elements of the work are interpreted through an instinctive response to visual emotion, rather than an insufficient attempt to legibly codify the ideas of mortality, suffering, and enlightenment that are beyond humanities ability to put into words."
Wescover creator since 2017

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