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Eunice Kindred

New York, NY

Eunice Kindred is an artist. art dance designer and DJ from NYC. She creates art in many different forms: naturally by hand as a painter and designer and through movement as a dancer, and choreographer. Even with many different canvases within her reach, the end result is the same: expressing a layered narrative based on personal experiences and her cultural environment.

Eunice’s latest bodywork, Soundtracks : Freestyle, explores the nature of freestyling through painting, visually communicating a musicality and choreography of movement through color and application of strokes and paint onto a surface. The inspiration of each piece draws from her relationship with the medium, the relationship through songs and lyrics, and the musicality of each track and how she would reinterpret it into visual form rather than movement. This exploration creates a tension between time, composition, and expression, encouraging the viewer to experience the play between sight and sound.
Wescover creator since 2017

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