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Esther Ziher-Ginczinger (e-ster-art)

Esther Ziher-Ginczinger (e-ster-art)

Brunssum, Netherlands

"Contemporary art - paintings"
Esther (1976, Brunssum) Esther’s painting refers to small things in life which for her are the very most important. Such as love between two people, family, friendship, and comfort. Happiness, humor, and warmth are the elements of her paintings that she would like to imply on those people looking at it. Nowadays Esther's paintings have a recognizable own style
and travel around the world from the Netherlands to Taiwan, South-Korea, Tokyo, Hongkong, Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, UK, USA, Africa, and Australia. Besides that, you can find her art on showcase at the big Asian art shows Art Revolution Taipei (Taiwan), TIAF (Tokyo International Art Fair, JAPAN), and Affordable Art Fair Hongkong. In 2017her paintings were on show at the Hilton hotel in London. Besides that in 2015 The Haegeumgang theme Museum in South – Korea added an ester-art to their private collection. The work of Esther has a lot of variety and not just an ordinary artistic
style. Her works are known by her self-expression and limitless bound to brace the theoretical borders. She is always looking for challenges, innovations, and is open to new techniques and materials. Paints with acrylic
on canvas and uses ink, ink spray, charcoal with structures, techniques, and styles. Once she picked a canvas, it is the start of her painting. The pleasure of painting for her is not only the end result but the development, continuous discovery during the process, and the surprises not knowing what will be the outcome. It is the art of letting things go and freeing

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