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Erin Lareau

Los Angeles, CA

“Painting” with crystal gems, Miss Lareau transforms objects into glamorous iconic “Objet de Fantasie.” Her bejeweled purse made from a vintage movie camera was named the ""best bag of the evening at The Academy Awards. Lareau has exhibited her dazzling work at art galleries and museums as well as the crème de la crème of shops including Tiffany’s and Geary’s of Beverly Hills. Her long list of celebrity collectors and clients includes jeweled guitars for Spinal Tap, Michael Jackson's This Is It, Orianthi and Katy Perry.
""I began with a Glass Slipper,…. creating the most beautiful, extravagant, and magical things I could imagine.” The ancient art of glass making is now in the machine age. Each Aurora Borealis Crystal is gem-cut with 12 facets. To the naked eye, crystal and titanium gems rival precious jewels, with all the magic of reflected color and light. My “Objet de Fantasie” have thousands of facets, creating as many as million reflective planes. Once upon a time, only the Czars could afford this shimmering radiance.”
Wescover creator since 2017

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