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Eric Randall Morris

San Francisco, CA

Eric Randall Morris is a published, award-winning designer living and working in San Francisco. Formally trained as an architect, he holds an M. Arch from MIT (’14) and a B.S. Arch from Georgia Tech (’11) and has been engaged in the art and architecture field for the past 10 years. His graphics began as an attempt to catalogue an index of contemporary American Vernacular architecture(s) - which transformed into a continually evolving visual exercise of the elevations and facades of cities + suburbs around him. His work is about actualizing daydreams, and fabricating these surreal new worlds through two dimensions.

Reality is the collective interpretation of our perceptions. In the post-truth information age we find ourselves in, perception has emerged as the media through which language, advanced tooling, and technologies operate. In the past, the inherent limitations of these devices sustained a controlled distance between the observer and the observed, but as we run towards the future the force of these constraints has diminished. The architectural image series titled ‘An American Hyperreality’ - explores the notions of fact and fiction in image

“As if floating in hyperspace, designer Eric Randall Morris crafts imagery that represents an “architecture of the unconscious” where buildings defy logic with color and paradox. His ongoing study, “An American Hyperreality” transforms and mutates architectures within scaleless monochromatic fields, setting the stage for the mind and hand to play. These distortions represent a intentional irreverence for the original photographs, and celebrate their dissolution of reality with pastel skies, sharp geometries, and embedded idiosyncrasies.”

- isabel narea | designboom, aug 21 2017

‘An American Hyperreality’ has been featured in publications such as Curbed, Juxtapoz, Designboom, KooZA/rch, and Dezeen. Pieces can also be found in San Francisco’s Intercontinental Hotel, Kevin Barry Fine Art, and FOCUS Innovation Studio. A selection of pieces were exhibited among the work of other emerging creatives in The East Cut’s “HOME / SICK” January 2018 Exhibition in downtown San Francisco.

Continuing to develop the geometric play and operations of his digital imagery, he illustrated his first drawing collection in the spring of 2018. The series, titled ‘C O L O S S A L’, constitutes 16 hand-drawn, abstract spatial compositions. Small figures aggregate within fields of invisible boundaries, giving the pieces layers of embedded micro- and macro-geometries. These pieces all measure 19” x 24” on 120lb Bristol, and are drawn with a Black 08 Pigma Micron, pencil, straight edge, and string.

In summer 2018, the ‘C O L O S S A L’ series became the primary inspiration for his first large-scale installation. This took shape in a 33’ x 10’ painted mural on the roof deck of a co-working space in downtown San Francisco. Geometries arrayed across the length of three walls, superimposed over a multi-colored, collaged series of marks, figures, and lines.

Through all media his work attempts to reconcile daydream + nightmare, fact + fiction.

That said - Please reach out! Collaborations / Inquiries / Commissions - I’d love to know more about how we can work together!
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