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Eoin (pronounced 'Owen') is a visual artist originally from and currently based in Ireland but more often than not has spent his time on the road. Having studied and completed university in the UK in Fine Art Sculpture, he briefly worked in 3 dimensions before making the move over to painting full time. This move saw Eoin painting on small canvas, which increased in size with time until the scale was no longer holding his interest. At this point Eoin looked for the next step needed to progress his work and one night moved outside to paint in an old abandoned building site near where he was living. Working on this scale opened up a whole new way of painting and looking at the world around him.

Having dabbled in graffiti in the mid 90's, this move to painting outdoors on walls felt somewhat natural and welcomed. In the years following (2011-16) Eoin restlessly painted hundreds of murals around the world at various events, commissions, and personal projects engaging communities, organisations, and individuals across 4 continents and countless countries.

Although his studio work slowly continued during these years, it took a back foot to allow the time and space to travel and complete his outdoor work. In more recent times Eoin has slowed his outdoor projects and shifted his focus back to developing, understanding and producing his canvas work again. This shift in focus has brought the relationship between his outdoor and studio work closer together with a new refreshed insight into the work he has created. 2018 has seen Eoin producing a small collection of new works in 'Sea and Sky' and now focused on producing commissioned works and a new collection for an upcoming exhibition in London later this year.
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