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Enzo Berti - Tables and Furniture
Enzo Berti
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Enzo Berti

Fiesso, Italy

"His cultural formation is marked by the studies conducted under the guidance of Alberto Viani at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

He then attended the Industrial Design Course promoted by the Faculty of Architecture of Venice. His professional activity began early in his studies: in fact, he designed and produced valuable objects for decorative art exhibitions organized in various European countries.

In the following years, Berti reveals himself as a designer with both remarkable creative abilities and a strong aesthetic sense, his designs reveal his artistic origins, never being the result of trivial technical insights. He can always easily find the most correct synthesis of form and function, while at the same time exploiting the expressive capabilities of any material, albeit poor.
The search for simplification without neglecting detail, home furnishings and objects in general, are the dictates of its design; the result of this way of proceeding leads to the creation of elements capable of possessing a soul that somehow links them to the history and the environment around us ... strong objects, somehow traditional, but that induce, almost inadvertently, to progress in knowing things."