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Ender Martos

Austin, TX

Ender Martos’ work is best known for creating impactful sensory experiences that include optical movement and engage viewers with the boundary and curiosity of human perception. Utilizing a variety of vibrant translucent and reflective materials such as monofilament & colored mirrored Plexiglas, Martos specializes in creating colorful three-dimensional installations to stimulate light-sensitive experiences of optical movement that shift the viewer's perception with every step. Martos’ work is influenced by the Op Art genre that uses optical illusions to give viewers a sense of movement and patterns. Being especially influenced by sculptural norms, his work moves beyond the traditional two-dimensions and instead relocates the graphic lines of his early technical drawing background into visceral, exploding forms in space.

Ender Martos’ work is a direct product of his upbringing in Mérida, Venezuela, a city enveloped by a geometric tectonic formation that was built in the colorful Andes Mountains, where each visual crease and slope is carefully formed by the intentionality of natural forces. His artworks reflect this influence by including precise multi-chromatic lines, shapes, and spaces to create a sacred and meditative visual experience.

Martos’ earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Texas at Austin in 2008 and is currently represented by Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art Gallery in Dallas, TX. He has exhibited in multiple galleries and shows in Chicago, IL, Mexico City & Monterrey, Mexico, Miami, FL, Houston, TX, Marfa, TX, Georgetown, TX and Austin, TX since 2004. His art installations have been commissioned by multiple transnational corporations such as Facebook and he was the regional finalist of the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series in SCOPE, Miami FL.
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