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Emma Tate - Sculptures and Cups
Emma Tate
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Emma Tate

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Emma grew up in a small, lake side town in central New York State riding, living, sleeping and breathing horses.

From day one, Emma has been affiliated in the colorful equestrian world. Her passion for horses led her to compete in several of the top competitions in the United States throughout her riding and training career.

It wasn't until the final year of her studies when she took her first Figure Sculpture class. Her first sculpture was a self-portrait, second a life-sized horse rearing out of the ground. The rest was history. Her horse sculpture now sits among the trees at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia, New York.

Emma moved to the Netherlands in 2013 to further her Dressage equestrian training for a year. She then moved to Amsterdam in 2014.

Since moving to the city known for its artistic heritage, Emma has become a proud member of Paard Verzameld led by the CEO and curator, Joyce Ter Horst, made equine sculptures for the World Equestrian Games to raise money for The Brooke Charity, attended The Dutch Masters - Indoor Brabant in 's-Hertogenbosch where she displayed her sculptures in the VIP entrance and has been featured in several magazines including Netherlands based 'Bit' magazine and the U.S.A. based New York Horse Magazine.

Now, still, completely horse crazy, Emma continues to live within the cozy canals and eclectic cultures of Amsterdam where she works in an atelier making an array of handmade pottery and surreal ceramic sculptures. Spoiler alert: usually horses.