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Emma Lawrenson

Holmfirth, United Kingdom

"Handmade abstract silkscreen prints perfect for any interior."
Emma Lawrenson is an experienced British Printmaker whose studio is in picturesque rural Yorkshire, UK. She gained an MA in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art, London.
As her unique collections and personal portfolio have grown, she has exhibited routinely throughout the United Kingdom including the Royal Academy of Art and several European cities since 1997. Her work is sold worldwide; popular with interior designers, art consultancies and private collectors.
Emma feels most comfortable in her home studio, where her new collections are developed. Her own artwork lines the walls of the studio, injecting continuous inspiration, whilst varying pots of printing inks and colour samples can be found on the tables.
Inspiration for her work stems from observations made in her surrounding landscape which are initially recorded as photographs, small sketches or collages and undergo a series of fine-tuning once back in the studio before being translated into prints. Emma strives to create something beautiful and understated and has always been drawn to work that feels calm.
Each piece of work is hand printed, sometimes in up to 18 colours using traditional techniques. This is a very labour intensive process requiring each colour to be printed individually, left to dry and then the next layer of colour printed. Some of the prints are finished with pencil or conte crayon.
Emma’s work has appeared in many magazines including ‘Vogue’, ‘House and Gardens’, ‘Art Review’, ‘Country Living’, amongst others. She even has work on film and television sets in America, including Mad Men. In 2019, Paramount pictures are using her work for the set of Instant Family, and a new film by the producers of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’.

‘Emma’s precise and methodical approach is proof of her training at what is arguably the best art school in the world, and is what makes her work so truly exceptional.’ Angela Murray

‘We love Emma’s gorgeous sense of colour and shape, and her simple design aesthetic. Emma’s work adds a great pop of colour to any space.’ Serena & Lily, California
Wescover creator since 2018

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