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Emily Reid

Reno, NV

AS A KID, I loved animals. I’d ask my parents for every animal I thought was possible of obtaining and every so often they’d say ‘yes’ to random ones; a goldfish, a cat (lots of cats) or a hamster or a turtle... My favorite bedtime books had titles like, ‘How To Raise A Hermit Crab’ and ‘Goats 101’. My sisters always picked out unhelpful books like, ‘Ramona Quimby Age 8’. I wanted to be a veterinarian for a while, but that never seemed quite right. And I wanted to be an artist, but only famous dead guys did that.. and I didn’t want to be that either.

After college, I went to graduate school to become an industrial organizational psychologist. That definitely didn’t seem right. So I decided, after living in Australia for 6 months, I’d open a bar. And I did. Then I opened a baby boutique. Then I jumped on a cool community project and helped open a Children’s Museum. None of those seemed quite right, either. I realized I needed art in my life. I studied art in South Carolina and Montana and Australia. I started making it and teaching it. Fast forward a few years and I found the perfect fit of art and animals.

CURRENTLY, I PAINT at home on my tiny farm with a collection of about 30+ cast-away animals that inspire my artwork (and I didn’t even have to beg my mom to buy them at the pet store). My animal children get bad-ass monikers from my human child, like Butterfly Sparkle, Midnight Dragon and David. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Mr. Beefy.

I hope my art in people’s lives brings them happiness. I hope it helps connect them to their animal guides and brings out their best strengths, characteristics, virtues, and the part of us we can’t see- our spirits.
Wescover creator since 2019

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