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Emily Carriere

Toronto, Canada

"“I let my work reveal itself through the natural progression of experimentation. I’m always reworking and transitioning the work over time until it grows. In creating my work I believe that the final element of completing a piece of art is the viewer. Ultimately, the viewers’ interpretation fills the work of art with emotion and meaning.”"
The process Emily employs in creating her work is equally as important as the content. She has developed an innovative process that incorporates prints of her watercolour paintings, drawing, digital drawing, vinyl, acrylic artwork and resin.

The artwork that she creates is informed equally by her studies in art and design. Her art features intricately cut and layered forms, refraining from any direct reference and yet feeling ingrained with familiarity and meaning. The fusion and contrast of organic and symmetrical forms manipulated through technology, her own hand and the use of both traditional and commercial materials creates ambiguous and enticing forms reminiscent of Rorschach blots. These pieces are abstract images which can be interpreted in an endless variety of ways.

Emily has been evolving her process, over this time, she’s received awards recognizing her talent and innovation. She lives and works as an artist in Toronto, Canada.
Wescover creator since 2020

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