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Emily Alvarez

Kansas City, MO

"Illustrator and Designer"
Emily Alvarez is an artist of Dominican and Cuban descent from the South-Western Suburbs of Miami, Florida. She grew up steeped in a unique cultural climate consisting mostly of immigrant communities thriving in a small, humid tip of the southernmost United States. There, it was too hot for her to leave her house so she cooked up stories and ideas to stew over and deepen an understanding of her relationships.

Now creating in the Kansas City area, Emily seeks to draw a connection between her many areas of interest including education, design, illustration, storytelling, fine art and themes such as personal and external explorations of mental illness and sociology, mythology and folk tales, her formative early observations of personal and multicultural life stories and her current Midwestern occupations and experiences.

Mediums through which these themes converge include murals as a primary source of large-scale work, editorial illustrations, mixed media paintings, sculptures, comics and children’s book illustrations. She also explores a variety of subject matter but primarily enjoys indulging in lively compositions, vivacious color and exaggerated motion in order to instill her work with vigorous, controlled manic energy. This tendency is driven by a desire to depict the capacity of humans for stretching the limits of human communication and imagination.
Wescover creator since 2020

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