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Ellen Coup

Wellington, New Zealand

I’ve been making Art my whole life & painting murals in the Wellington region since 2000.
With over over 40 separate projects in my folio, Indoor & Outdoor, Public & Private, Large & Small.
My Mural practice has several ‘Streams’, Facilitating the art of others, Commercial decor art & Custom brush painted Artworks. Including many distinctive Public Murals in Wellington, signage, hand painted wallpaper & two Greek gods.
While I don’t quite relate to the term “Street Artist”, I’m definitely an Artist from the street and that’s often been my work site.

I have a particular interest in landscape and the juxtaposition of natural forms and human-made objects, scale and making the viewer look in many direction at once. Much of my work is representational, or stylised realism but I can show examples of abstract design also.

Through the mural work I’ve become something of a ‘commission specialist’, I also offer this service for works on canvas in either Acrylic or Oil.
I enjoy interpreting the commissioning parties aspirations for their surface, communicating with drawings & arriving at something unique.
In my experience there is a design solution for every project, an Optimal balance between the constraints and expectations of that particular situation.
Wescover creator since 2020

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