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Elizabeth Lyons Glass

Elizabeth Lyons Glass

Rochester, NY

"Custom Lighting and Decorative Glass Objects"
Award-winning sculptor and designer Elizabeth Lyons has been commissioned by top interior designers and architects worldwide and published in leading design publications and books including the New York Times, Elle Decoration, Architectural Digest, and Vogue, to name a few. Her sculpture has been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States.
Elizabeth’s decorative objects are available in stores and showrooms internationally. Through her company, Lyons Glass, Elizabeth produces her extraordinary design collection that includes glass vessels, vases, bowls, and candle holders, which have been showcased in residential and commercial applications, fine restaurants and hotels.

Elizabeth produces an exclusive line of custom sculptural lighting. These unique fixtures have been used as a focal point in both home and commercial settings and are available directly through her studio. Each piece is hand made, many taking months to complete. A combination of forged and welded metals with hand blown and sculpted-glass components; each chandelier is a unique reflection of her vision. As functional works of art, they are transformative to any space.

“I approach the design of lighting and decorative objects from a sculptural point of view. I like the idea of creating beautiful objects that have a purpose in peoples’ rooms. Chandeliers that glow and at the same time cast beautiful light throughout a space are inspired by forms found in nature, and by the specific formal qualities of the materials, glass and steel. The structures, geometric and natural forms in steel are juxtaposed with organic shapes made of hand blown and sculpted glass. The material qualities that are central to my sculptural work are transferred to these functional objects. In this time of paring down and living a more minimal existence, to create something that is truly beautiful and useful at the same time interests me.”

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