Eliana Ciardi Art Design - Murals and Paintings
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Eliana Ciardi Art Design

Eliana Ciardi Art Design

PM, Spain

"Art, Murals, Painting, Sculpture, Decoration"
"Art and design a ring of conjunction between engineering and magic"

Eliana Ciardi, italian Art Designer, Scenographer, Painter, Sculptor, based in Majorca, Spain
Starting his career in the scenography workshops of Cinecittá and in studios of artists and artisans in Italy, experiencing through the scenography how "a shape, a color, a light effect can touch the soul and emotions of people" thus this concept to his work, to create unique pieces of sculpture, themes, painting, design objects, with a new decorative concept

An eclectic, exciting style inspired by observing natural patterns, transferring fluidity and harmony of shapes to the technical and scenic process of design to create striking art.

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