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Elena Piganova

Kaliningrad, Russia

"I find a reflections of emotions, feelings, thoughts and with the help of calligraphic signs, lines, spots drowning them in my paintings."
Elena Piganova is known for creating elegant and cozy interiors in which you can live and relax. Elena has extensive experience in creating private and public interiors. In 1990 -2010, she realized herself as an artist, book illustrator, graphic design specialist. Since 1996 he has been professionally engaged in interior design.

Elena uses a professional, creative and personal approach to each project that she performs from concept to completion on a turnkey basis - be it a house, a small apartment, a commercial premises or a hotel. Offering individual service, she attaches great importance to creating strong working relationships with clients, adapting the process of her work to the needs of each client, providing the work on creating the interior with full authoring, technical, legal support at all stages of the project, which includes the complete architecture of the interior, construction and finishing works, interior decoration.

Elena gives lectures and trainings for listeners about interior design, writes articles . She paints pictures, creates collages, and uses them in the created interiors. Art is Elena's hobby: “In art, as in many other areas, sincerity, honesty and openness for themselves and the world around us are important because the heart is completely susceptible to these qualities,” says Elena. “The interior of each house is unique. Being a unique reflection of the worldview and worldview of his master, he has an exceptional property - to give a feeling of comfort, harmony with himself and the world around him. It is very important that when a person comes home, he finds composure, feels a sense of joy, sometimes peaceful, and sometimes strong, comprehensive. This is the comfort zone of your own "I."

The well-known statement that "there are no trifles," is especially important for the profession of a designer. Every object in the house is intended to give birth to pleasant associations, to convey its meaning, to set the appropriate mood for those living in it. The scenario of your life, in which you are the main character, depends to a certain extent on the choice of all interior items. Your choice is always individual. My task is to correctly understand a person and create for him an individual objective world, namely his space, because the house is the place where the soul lives. ”
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