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Elena Kotliarker - Paintings and Art
Elena Kotliarker
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Elena Kotliarker

Kiryat Ono, Israel

Elena Kotliarker was born in 1969 in Kiev, Ukraine.

"My passion for the painting goes back to early childhood.
I was a pupil at the Art studio and had completed my studies from Olga Bebko at the art studio, attached to Mikola House Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine. In my work, I make my utmost effort to bring forward the abundant beauty and splendor that is withheld in the Judaic Art. In my method, I do this by embedding the numerous Jewish symbols and icons that have developed throughout many centuries of our rich history and heritage. The symbols mainly identify signs of fortune from the Kabbalah like good health, prosperity, fertility and so on. I believe that when a person stares at the picture and detects the signs, the fortune will come upon him or her."