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Eldon Guay
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Eldon Guay

Calgary, Canada

Eldon Guay, has been sculpting for the past 27 years; and as a full-time artist for the past 10 years working in a wide range of materials. He studied the ancient art of stone sculpting in Carrara, Italy from 2004 to 2007. He works in Italian marble, granite, and limestone. Also, extensively in aluminum, steel, and zinc, as well as a variety of plastics. He has a strong background in Manufacturing, along with experience in both Aviation and extensively in the Automotive realm.

He travels extensively internationally throughout: Asia, Europe, Central America, the South Pacific and the Middle East. The enrichment coming from the sharing of other cultures opens up his mind in so many ways, most especially the clarity for creative thought. Further Inspiration and motivation spring from such travelling experiences.

From the Antique to Contemporary, his work has evolved into a symbiosis of classic media such as marble, and the metallic of the Renaissance era of the Automobile of the early 20th Century. Eldon Guay’s work combines the passion and adventure of the early era of Motoring with the natural world and its Ancient stability manifested in stone. He creates his own machines with their own new voice; motionless motoring with endless movement of stone within its own plane of time.