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Elad Ben-Naim


"The world is funny then laughing"
Saicke said of the pale grouse, and he was right. The laughter fills us with joy, love and optimism, as do the colors in my paintings. In everything I create, I believe in challenging fixed thinking. I believe in open and different thinking. On questions that seek deep truth. Deep emotion.
At the base of all of us is love and understanding.

The way I look for truth is to create portraits and faces from different cultures and emotions.
A look in a person's eyes can tell us more about him than any word he says. In words easy to maneuver, body language and much less expression. The warm and intense colors in my paintings will make you meet the emotion up close.

In this little moment when the sounds connect just right, in this exciting moment that is revealed to us, a painting that colors exactly connect right and occupies this little corner of our heart, where this emotion is created that makes us so good and pleasant.
An emotion that will accompany us to life. That we always want to go back to.

Born in 1987 from Kibbutz Maanit. Painter, musician, producer, artist.
Draws a variety of high quality canvas acrylic styles on canvas.
The first steps in the world of painting began in high school. That's where I began to know myself. I spent the last decade learning, creating and doing music and sound. Art of any kind is in our soul, just waiting for the right moment to break out. And so, at one moment, at 30, I felt it was the right moment to give the world another part of my soul.
Wescover creator since 2020

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