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El Dios De Los Tres

Madrid, Spain

Javier Navarro Romero, or what is the same "The god of the three" was born in Almería 1985. He is an artist, illustrator and creative, based between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but he does not mind moving to where his passion for work artistic takes you.

He considers himself a multidisciplinary artist, who loves artistic creation and design. He likes to create images, symbols, aesthetics and stories from his particular vibrant colorful world of surreal and baroque style.

Enjoy each new project, a new challenge, and a new solution. Let's say you like to dare with everything. An all-terrain artist.

That's right, as we can see in his work, how he is able to combine, always from his own particular style: drawing, mural, editorial illustration, textile design, tattoo, fashion, advertising, branding, signage, merchandising and album covers
Wescover creator since 2020

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