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Eduardo Terranova

Eduardo Terranova

New York, NY

"My works are reflective, vibrant as I use precious metals to create reflectivity thus transmitting energy to humanity"
Born in Cali, Colombia, Eduardo Terranova studied architecture and design at Rhode Island School of Design. His works are known for his reflective and rich-surface visuals. Terranova’s evolving techniques incorporate plaster, burlap, hand stitching, and precious metals that transform two-dimensional surfaces into sculptural works that flawlessly integrate art, design and craft.

Architecture, entropy, landscape, and socio-dichotomies are “built” together in his works as light, shadows and infinity of scintillations emerge to become then, the subject matter of the new relief-like works.

The use of gold, inspired by the pre-Columbian artworks gives Terranova’s the impetus to create, in the belief that the glitter of metals is more than mere reflections, more than optically perceived phenomena.

Terranova’s work has been exhibited in many galleries in the United States, Europe, and Latin America.

He lives and works in New York City.

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