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San Francisco, CA

Featured in Wallpaper, House Beautiful and Luxe as one of the nation’s top emerging design talents, Eche Martinez is the founder of San Francisco-based interior design firm ECHE.

The virtuosity of the firm’s work is influenced by Eche’s background in architecture and luxury branding. His work draws on these experiences as well as a broad range of cultural references to create spaces that are exciting, unexpected and approachable. His thoughtful use of contemporary art, antiques and custom elements are hallmarks of the firm’s award-winning work. Never limited by the doctrines of a particular style or ephemeral trend, Eche creates environments that feel both timeless and current.

A native of Buenos Aires, Eche established his design practice in San Francisco after completing studies in Paris. His cosmopolitan eye has landed him a key role in San Francisco’s design community where he caters to a diverse client portfolio. Eche has completed projects for private and public use that include historic, large-scale restorations to cabins on-board the exclusive MS The World, the largest privately-owned residential yacht.
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