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Earth + Element - Tableware and Planters & Vases
Earth + Element
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Earth + Element

San Francisco, CA

A brand born and inspired by Nature, self taught Artist and Owner, Elizabeth Di Prinzio continues to create handmade ceramics using the earth's elements to bring her Modern Rustic styled tableware into your home. The mission is to weave ceramics into your daily rituals with a tea bowl or coffee cup that has been touched by real human hands.

“The boutique is for customers who care about where and how their products are made”

This small, but busy Los Angeles pottery studio hand-throws every single cup and honors each-ones unique wabi-sabi (imperfection).

A brand that strives to focus on handmade products, with a conscious concern for the planet and the creatures we share it with.

The relationship between dirt, water, and fire, and what can be made with the human hand is a spiritual experience beyond just pottery. A humbling realization of how important it is to protect these natural elements, starting with our very own community of artisans and farmers.

Elizabeth is from the Bay Area, she went to school for Theater Arts then moved to Los Angeles in 2006. She spent over a decade in the entertainment industry as an actress and film producer with her last role as Director of Operations at the well known photography and film studio, located off Sunset blvd, Siren Studios. Working with clients such as Elle, Vogue, Nike, Apple and many other high end brands. After her departure in in 2015 she was to embark on her own operations of Earth and Element.