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Douglas Merkey

Douglas Merkey

St. Louis, MO

"Share your story, support your brand, and/or create a mood with my dimensional wood wall sculpture made from sustainable sources."
To me, art is an opportunity to bring aesthetic delight to a new friend by creating beautiful art that meets your specific needs, wants, budget, and time-frame. Through relationship, we can create art that shares your story, expresses and elevates your values, and beautifies your surroundings. This is what drives my creative process. Sustainably-forested wood is perfectly suited as a way to record and share these stories since it can be selected and worked in ways that add tone and texture to important themes. Wood is dimensional, just like a good story, and it can be colored and shaped to convey depth and nuance for maximum effect. As I sculpt the wood into a beautiful physical expression of story and values, I find further inspiration in what’s been created by the Master Artisan. Coastal elements like the color, texture, and movement of the sea offer a particularly delightful lexicon which speaks with a “wild divinity” that “stirs something very deep and ancient in the human heart. It satisfies us in a more intimate way than the other elements" (John O'Donohue in "Beauty, The Invisible Embrace," p. 115).

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