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Dunbar Road Design

Dallas, TX

Carla Fonts Hrncir has been working in the Interior Design industry, professionally, since 2015 and decided to start her own business in 2016. Unofficially, she has been designing all of her life. She has helped many friends with their homes and offices as well as building two homes of her own – working closely with designers and architects to learn the trade. However, she wanted to wait for her three children to graduate high school before exploring design as a full time job.

Carla draws most of her inspiration from her Cuban heritage, her love for bright colors and tropical nature, and her mother’s sense of personal style growing up. Carla frequently visits Palm Beach, where her parents grew up after leaving Cuba in 1958. In fact, the name of Carla’s company, Dunbar Road Design, originated from the exact house her mom lived in growing up, 11o Dunbar Road, in Palm Beach. Carla hopes to make every home she designs feel curated and joyful! She wants her clients to feel comfortable and happy in their homes for a lifetime!
Wescover creator since 2020

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