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Doug Kiser

Omaha, NE

Doug Kiser graduated from the College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln with a Bachelor of Science of Design degree (BSD), his major, interior design. While the program did not require any engineering classes and only a few art classes, he still decides to take courses in physics, calculus, the strength of materials, statics, structures, (and welding at Metro Community College) as well as many art classes including drawing, bookmaking, and printmaking. He loved the idea of creating on an intimate scale. These classes fulfilled desires he had within, but he had no idea what he was preparing for. For his senior thesis, he took on a project with a scope the college hadn't seen before. He and his coopering professor, Carl Matthews, redesigned and remodeled a historic building and attached storage warehouse into a private residence and 3 bedrooms rental unit. This was to be a course pilot for future design/build classes. At the time design/build was only a buzzword. For their work, the two received international design awards and publication in the journal of interior design. This project was to be the defining moment of Doug's career path.
With this experience of designing and making (he called the process emo[RA]tional at the time… a concept of using instinct and logic both as guides), he decided upon graduation that he would not go to work at an architecture or design firm. Instead, he went to work for a cabinet maker where he would refine his skills and knowledge of tools. His passions were equal in design and construction. Unsure how to choose one or the other, he chose both. Doug enjoys all parts of the process of remodeling, whether it be design, demolition, framing, finish work, tile installation, painting, cabinetry or furniture making. All are necessary and when done he can say, I did that, with my hands.
Besides building furniture and custom cabinetry and remodeling small spaces, Doug is an also a published author (poems and short stories), musician (touring the US as a bass player and vocalist in his band fromanhole) and an accomplished painter and sculptor with commissioned work living throughout the country.
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