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double m art by Marjolijn Maenen

Barcelona, Spain

"Why limiting myself to one kind of painting style?"
I am a Belgian single mother of 3 sons, living in beautiful Barcelona for over 20 years.
Since my early 20´s I love to visit museums in every city I go to. I always had a passion for art but because I couldn't afford any, once in a while I painted some canvasses to decorate my own home with different styles of artworks.
It is impressive and so exciting to see how an interior can change depending on the artwork, the style of painting, or just the colors and texture.
Some say that my paintings bring positive vibes into their homes.

Just before the first lockdown and after 26 exciting years in the same company, I became suddenly unemployed.
I finally had time to paint again and friends & family were interested in buying my art. Today, I have more requests from lovely people in different countries and I am planning to expose my artworks in several art galleries after Summer.

Hope you enjoy my art,
XXX Marjolijn - double m art
Wescover creator since 2021

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