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Montreal, Canada

"historical ornament and contemporary fantasy."
Marc O'Brien (Doras) is a multi-disciplinary artist, illustrator, muralist and director based in Montréal, QC. He graduated from OCAD University, Toronto’s illustration program in 2012 where he received the gold medal in for his series “Genius”.

He spent the next three years working as a freelance illustrator and fine-artist in Toronto.

In 2015, he relocated to Montréal where he began to explore film making, set design, digital sculpting and animation. Shortly after his arrival in Montréal, he co-created OA series, in collaboration with the Movember Foundation, and spent the next few years producing and directing a collection of short films, highlighting men with alternative masculine identities. During those same years, the newly founded Caravane Studio saw potential in Marc’s painting to make cheap light things look like expensive heavy things. He spent three years more working on projects with directors in Montréal as a texture designer and set builder.

In early 2018, he paused most of his work in set-design to return to illustration and write and illustrate a book called “Fauve”, which he completed in February 2019 and is currently exhibiting across Europe and Asia through the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Currently, Marc is pursuing his long-held interest in public art and has completed several large scale mural projects since 2018. His style is colourful and dream-like, often combining historical ornament and iconography with the language of contemporary fantasy. His large-scale pieces draw from his background in illustration, featuring objects, scenes and characters that might easily have been ripped from the pages of a book.
Wescover creator since 2020

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