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Donny Cal

Houston, TX

Donny Cal, Brandon Calhoun, is a self-taught Pop Artist born and raised in Houston Texas. His work is contemporary and inspired by great artists in history including Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol and Daniel Maltzman. Cal focuses on drippy, layered abstracts, strong female forms, and a series of shadow figures through his use of oil, acrylic and spray paint mediums. He began painting only a few years ago after he was inspired by a painting he saw by his favorite painter, Daniel Maltzman. Since then Donny has worked tirelessly to become the absolute best in his field.

His work has been showcased in many art galleries in Texas, including his first solo art gallery entitled “#her” in July of 2015. A show solely created as an appreciation of women. He continues to perfect his craft and is poised to be one of the worlds greatest artists. Not only is Donny a talented artist, but he is also known by his philanthropic work. He desires to inspire those around him to give back to others while chasing their dreams.
Wescover creator since 2018

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