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DJR Glass / Donna J. Rice

Minneapolis, MN

"Crystal is a dynamic material that simultaneously reveals every feature of a form, drawing the viewer in with its color and light."
DJR Glass specializes in cast crystal sculptures that are inspired by nature. Donna Rice was raised in Pittsburgh, PA, where she also earned her BFA degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Her work is represented in many private collections as well as the Corning Museum of Glass.

Rice creates her crystal sculptures using a lost wax process similar to bronze casting. She begins each sculpture by building a positive wax model that is encased in special plasters to create a refractory mold. The wax form is melted out and the negative void is filled with crystal inside a hot kiln. When cool, the plaster mold is broken away and the crystal sculpture is revealed, ready for final surface work.

Rice’s artwork explores the common thread of nature that connects us all.
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