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Dmitry Artishchev - Paintings and Art
Dmitry Artishchev
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Dmitry Artishchev

Moscow, Russia

My name is Dmitry Artischev. I'm a regular artist.
Artischev Dmitriy, was born in 1980, in Volgograd.
Education: economics and marketing.
From 2008 to 2015 as illustrator and graphic designer.
Painting since 2016.

It is impossible to give “this” a concrete definition, “this” just happens. “This” is the path of denial, action without understanding, which means the possibility of error. There is only the initial impetus, the first step devoid of purpose, action for the sake of action. Alef's main fear is his personality, the limits of his personality. Allowed recognition of the manifestation of reflection creates only reality itself. Zero is not capable of exploitation. Its action must be outside of rational judgment, criticism or experience. Imitation without specificity in the story is a priority mechanism for organizing the space of forms and forms of space. A narrative without the formation of individual mythology is nothing more than a narrative, striving for a coordinated structuredness of concentrated images,

We are an ocean of harmonic vibrations. Plastic and at the same time fixed constants in absolutely mobile create confusion: indefinite certainty, subjective balance. As a result of this, moving through the corridors of the Great Spirit, the “event mass” gives rise to a desire in itself to understand its essence, to leave the prison of cyclical repetition.

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