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DivineSutra – Ipshita Shetty


I am originally from India but currently based in Singapore. Being an artist in India is a struggle and I struggled to keep my art going with support from my then-boyfriend now-husband, my mom and my uncle I was able to keep my art going for the past 10yrs. I started as an amateur artist painting for fun to make it my passion and profession. The art journey has been amazing definitely something that I am proud of.

Opened a cute little Etsy store to share my art with the world!

I am currently in Singapore and hope you encourage me to keep my art going.

If you notice my art will always be bright and colorful the reason is I paint when I am happy and that can be seen in many of them.
The painting has to brighten someone's bedroom, living room so it has to have happy colors.

I personally fall in love with all my paintings.
Finding happy homes around the globe where the paintings will be treasured just the way I treasure them.
Wescover creator since 2020

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