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DIVE Madhouse

Stockholm, Sweden

DIVE Madhouse is a Paris-born, Sweden-based CONTEMPORARY ABSTRACT artist. With his very colourful original works, spanning over the abstract spectra from dreamy in form to playful in figure - he has over the passed couple of years attracted an increasing international audience with exhibitions in e.g. New York, London, Venice and China.
DIVE is the pseudonym, under which the founder, Fredrik Sologub lets his very raw, naked and intense expression pass in color, on canvas. Using tools such as raw brushes, painting knives, spray cans and his bare hands - in his improvisational approach towards the bare canvas. Mediums, being merely a tool for the channeled emotion, vary between acrylics, oils, spray paint, oil pastels and water. Whatever suits the desired effect and technique of the moment.
DIVE Madhouse’s main official channel on Instagram, is with its +79 000 followers - today one of the largest male artist accounts in Scandinavia. Most recent exhibitions have been held in New York (5), Venice, China (3 cities), Sweden (5) and London. 2019 was the most eventful year to date, with ten exhibitions in five countries on three continents. Selling some 55 original artworks to private and corporate collectors all over the world. While setting up and rolling out some 15 exclusive brand collaborations featuring DIVE.
Wescover creator since 2020

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