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New York, NY

"We need our rooms to align us to desirable versions of ourselves and to keep alive the important, evanescent sides of us." - Alain de Botton"
DIRT is a new kind of design firm. We are a worldly collective of vanguard creatives with expertise in interiors, design, furniture, and art who refuse to pigeon hole our talents. Drawing inspiration from nature, we create timeless comfortable environments and products that compliment a lifestyle where aesthetics and functionality are harmoniously balanced.

Scott Murphy

A world traveler, surfer, sailor, and aesthetic adventurer, Scott Murphy captures the essence of not only where to live but how to live in his designs. After being educated in business at the University of New Hampshire, Scott's insatiable wanderlust took him on a year and a half sailing voyage from San Francisco to New Zealand. His love of surfing then beached him in Kauai where he apprenticed with a boatbuilder and eventually became a contractor, designer, and builder of homes from the ground up. After 9 years in Hawaii he moved to New York and co-founded an architecture firm, Murphy & Dine, which designed and built over 3 million square feet of hospitality, residential, and commercial properties. Scott now focuses on more personal design projects, working with discerning clients from around the world who appreciate his dedication to craftsmanship, acute attention to detail, and respect for the bottom line.

Lucas Lai

An artist and businessman rolled in one, Lucas Lai balances art and commerce. With an academic background in both art and business, he has a talent for taking creative ideas and turning them into commercially viable realities. Lucas has had a motley professional life; he started working at Vanity Fair and Interview Magazine in New York City. After spending a year traveling to work on his photography, he relocated to Beijing to produce Ai Weiwei's photography retrospective. Soon after, he spent 10 months as artist in residence at La Porte Peinte Centre Pour les Arts in Burgundy, France building their photography resources and renovating the 16th-century home which houses the art center. Recently he managed Martha Rosler's Meta-Monumental Garage Sale installation performance at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Like Scott, Lucas views art, culture, and design through a global lens. Knowing that material objects aren't the only thing that make a place a home, his design quest is ultimately driven by a desire for beauty and simple living.
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