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Dina Broadhurst

Los Angeles, CA

Artist and collector, Dina Broadhurst's work has been described as an orgy of simplicity. Having appeared in group shows within her home town Australia, as well as internationally, 2017 saw Broadhurst exhibit her first 2 solo shows - A live exhibition in collaboration with shopping giant Westfield Chermside, QLD, transforming their entire fashion precinct over 2 levels, taking her signature style to dramatic new heights of interaction. Using photography and collage elements digitally with the addition of lustrous 3D elements. Broadhurst worked with an array of iconic Australian brands, creating bespoke artworks in addition to showcase of her personal work, side by side, all brought to life as floor to ceiling hoardings, the largest work measuring over 40 meters in length.
September 2017 saw Broadhurst's second solo exhibition commissioned by Sydney CBD Institution The Galleries, taking over their entire ground floor retail fashion precinct, filling their grand, light filled laneways with her interpretations of Spring. New Love, Regeneration, Growth and Reflection, all became a blooming, colour infused journey of 2D and 3D works on canvas, a series of mixed media works on mirror, as well as a live installation of her iconic "Bagged it" works.
With a focus on femininity, sexuality escapism, transformation, fantasy, desire, luxury and the perfect face that we like to present to the world, the artist has had a lifelong obsession and influence from the colliding worlds of fashion, advertising, art and design, as well as her own journey through the battleground of being a woman, an image of a woman, a mother, a body and a positive female voice. Broadhurst's training is as varied as a Diploma in Makeup Artistry, Interior Design, a Bachelor of Visual Communications, and Fine Arts, where a solid training of colour, composition, layout, and psyche all draw the viewer through a perfectly poised image of allure, posing the question what is beautiful, what are our triggers and why do we desire things?
The untamed natural beauty inside versus the staged, polished, edited and cropped versions that we present to others and consume daily. A sterile "face' or image of anonymity filled with so much emotion, all that burns underneath the''skin ``. the images leave you with a pretty picture that you can read into wherever your mind takes you. A memory, a prompt to look within yourself, an emotion, a colour, a smell. Beauty exists in all that is around us, in nature, in simplicity, even in the mundane. Let her carefully staged compositions seduce you to find the hidden beauty within all.
Wescover creator since 2020

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