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DiDomenico Studio - Art and Public Sculptures

DiDomenico Studio

Boulder, CO

"As a non-traditional artist, I am constantly changing the mediums I work with. Whether it is mica, maps or butterfly wings, I connect disparate items with a sense of magic."
Rebecca DiDomenico was born in Northern California, attended school at Claremont College, Tribhuvan University in Nepal and graduated from University of Colorado with a BA in English Literature. In the 30 years of working as an artist in Boulder, Rebecca has been a supporter of cultural institutions in the community and beyond. For Rebecca, there is no separation between art and life, studio and home. Her work is concerned with the collision and interpenetration of various forms of nature, mythology, art history and metaphysics.

After more than twenty years of service, Rebecca has stepped down from the Board of Directors on the Compton Foundation, an organization whose primary focus is climate change, reproductive rights and peace. Previously during her Presidency, she initiated an emphasis on the arts as a tool for social change through these program areas. Another of Rebecca’s significant contributions has been a serious commitment to socially conscious investing. She also spearheaded the Women, Peace & Security Initiative and continues her dedication to philanthropic endeavors.

Since Rebecca has lived and worked in Colorado, she has become widely respected for being an innovative and imaginative creator who has made a significant impact on the community, not just for her unique work but also for her service to the art community. She created The Swoon BMoCA International Artists Residency in Boulder, which is gaining a fierce reputation for exposing the state of Colorado to cutting edge art. Rebecca was recently featured on a PBS program of individual artists working or living in Colorado.

Through the social and politically based art collective, Artnauts, Rebecca has exhibited in four continents from 2007 continuing through the present. A selected list of her exhibitions, collections and publications includes Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art; Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver; Denver International Airport; RedLine, Denver; San Francisco Craft & Folk Art Museum; Denver Art Museum; Artspace; Art Papers; Artweek; Marin Independent Journal; The Washington Post; Art in America; The New York Times; Westword; The Daily Camera
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