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Diane Gelman

Houston, TX

"My work is exciting, fresh, fun, and sometimes good enough to eat."
I am a mixed media artist, layering together images, designs, and colors. I often combine paint with collage elements, integrating the paint and collage to form a cohesive and complete whole. Collage is an assemblage of various small objects and forms, which sometimes include layers of paper, found objects, fabric, string, cardboard, or metal leaf. Collage enhances clarity, adds a sense of playfulness, vitality, and a surreal aspect to a carefully crafted, realistic painting. My paintings are improvisations on realistic images fused onto imaginative themes that are rich with light, color and detail. I like to paint innovative pop-art works, inspiring scenes from Nature, interesting people, children, and especially food! My work weaves together layers of designs, textures and meaning. I apply layers over layers, sometimes arranging, sometimes disarranging, gathering, surrounding, weaving, removing or embellishing images, and often carving back into them, to find the real, hidden story underneath each painting.
Wescover creator since 2020

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