Diana Al-Hadid - Paintings and Art
Diana Al-Hadid
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Diana Al-Hadid

New York, NY

“Diana Al-Hadid uses everyday materials, such as plaster, plywood, and cardboard, to create monochromatic, room-sized structures that seem to rise, fall, and ooze all at once. Simultaneously suggesting a sci-fi future and recalling a mythical past, the pieces combine architectural references like church spires, columns, and broken plinths with simulated fabric drapery and melting wax. Enigmatic narratives are embedded, including references to Pieter Brughel and stories about the mythical Ariadne and the 13th-century Muslim inventor Al-Jazari, who is said to have influenced Leonardo Da Vinci.
Syrian, b. 1981, Aleppo, Syria, based in Brooklyn, New York”